1. The eight simple tricks to help you stop-binge eating (including making sure you AlWAYS have breakfast) 

2. The simple ways to trick your body into NEVER craving carbs again (including eating coconut oil with cinnamon) 

3. The deliciously indulgent desserts you can eat even if you're one a DIET (and some even contain CHOCOLATE) 

4. The items you should NEVER order for your children at a fast food restaurant (and the ones you can buy to make sure they have a nutritious meal) 

5. Six clever tricks that let you eat pasta, bread and potatoes WITHOUT sabotaging your diet 

6. The coffee shop lunches you should NEVER buy revealed - and the ones that do have nutritious options (so be sure to head to Pret if you're on a diet) 

7. Ten VERY simple ways to ditch sugar from your diet (including eating delicious meals and getting massages) 

8. The 10 superfoods and drinks that will rid you of cellulite (including sipping chamomile tea and adding spicy cayenne pepper to your meals) 

The 10 VERY simple calorie saving swaps to help you get a flatter stomach (and you can still eat pizza and chocolate)

Instagram your meal, get an extra hour in bed and snack on eggs: Experts reveal 15 tips to beat the hunger pangs - (and they do really work) 

They boost your brain and mood, soothe your tummy, relieve pain and burn fat- forget 'superfoods', discover the 5 'super SPICES' 

This is what microwaved meals do to your body (and it might put you off buying convenience food ever again!) 

The healthiest high street takeaways revealed (and, no they're not ALL salads)

How DO supermodels stay in shape for Fashion Week? Experts share diet tips of the world's most beautiful women (and how they can work for you)

Too good to be true? The top 10 superfoods that will help you fight cravings AND shed the pounds

The subtle ways you're adding POUNDS to your waistline without even realising- including ignoring food labels, ditching fat and skipping probiotics

How to burn calories WITHOUT going to the gym (and it's much easier than you think)

The deliciously indulgent desserts you can eat even if you're on a DIET (and some even contain CHOCOLATE)

Stock up on colourful ingredients and NEVER take snaps in restaurants: The tricks that will instantly improve your Instagram food photos - as it's revealed sharing picture online can actually make you HEALTHIER

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