Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Lose weight, transform your body and learn how to keep weight off the healthy way...


What does the programme entail?

  • Programme tailored to you to accommodate your lifestyle and nutrition goals
  • Nutrition advice to target any other niggling health problems such as fatigue, bloating, digestive issues, skin problems and hormonal imbalances
  • Face to face initial consultation and weekly calls to keep you on track
  • Weekly food diary analysis
  • Full body composition reading taken on Tanita scales - fat %, muscle mass, bone mass, water %, metabolic age, visceral fat, recommend daily calorie intake
  • Unlimited text and email support throughout the programme
  • Free guide with recipes and scientific info on weight loss
  • Testing available
  • Exercise advice and personal training referrals

Worldwide Skype and phone consultations available

'This has been a truly life changing experience for me. The plan has suited me perfectly. In the past I ate less and exercised for hours without any results and constantly felt as though I where depriving myself. Now I seem to be able to eat delicious food, with a diet plan which is completely maintainable for life. I never thought I would be able to shed 2 stone of fat the age of 54! I have developed new healthy habits and I have seen a great improvements in my energy levels, skin and overall health. Lily has been great help throughout the programme, allowing to me to ask as many questions as needed and constantly motivating me throughout the process.'  Diana Holden, London

For more information please call Lily on 07929 392166 or email lily@lilysoutternutrition.com