Corporate Wellness

Personalised Wellness Initiatives For The Workplace

What we eat can provide as much as 60% of our total daily food intake over the average working day. Our workplace diet can significantly impact our health! There is good evidence to show that modifying our diet can help to maintain a healthy body weight which plays an important role in reducing the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and even depression. Our diet can also enhance energy, mood, mental focus and even help with stress management.

Wellness isn’t a ‘one-size-fit’s all’ solution which is why I offer bespoke nutrition focused wellness initiatives tailored to the employer’s needs. My extensive training in nutrition and experience within the corporate wellness sector, enables me to provide evidence-based and trustworthy nutrition programmes within the workplace.

Each programme is tailored client’s requirements in order to achieve maximum results. Some examples of what can be included within nutrition focused workplace wellness initiatives include:

Nutrition Lunch + Learns


Interactive and engaging seminars covering key topics in relation to health and wellness. Examples topics include:

  • Energy
  • Mental health + cognitive function
  • Stress + sleep
  • Digestion
  • Immunity
  • Hormone balancing
  • Heart health
  • Weight management
  • Reading food labels

Workplace Wellness London Nutritionist

Practical Workshops


A focus on putting knowledge into practice and looking at practical considerations

Example topics include:

  • Build your lunch box
  • Healthy dinners
  • Plant based nutrition
  • Healthy snacking



Workplace Clinic Days + Health MOT’s

Clinic Days

Personalised nutrition advice for employees. Healthy habits take 10-17 weeks to develop. I offer 10-week programmes consisting on consultations to consolidate positive dietary habits.

10 week programmes consist of  6 consultations per individual on a fortnightly basis.

Comprehensive Health MOT

It’s recommended to carry out at health MOT on a yearly basis which includes advanced testing to identify common nutritional deficiencies.


Nutritional Nudging


  • Analysis of food and drink provided onsite, with guidance on practical changes
  • Development of tailored materials for use within the workplace
  • Roadshows
  • Assess the barriers to for employees and tailor made strategies increase compliance




For enquiries and to receive a nutrition focused workplace wellbeing pack please email [email protected] or call 07929 392166