Nutrition Consultation Testimonials

Lily was a great support to change my habits and lifestyle. She worked with my needs and ambitions to achieve my goals and put me on the right path to continue to lose weight. By having weekly phone calls and being at the end of the phone for menu advice if need, if helped me to continue to dine out and be social whilst not destroying all the hard work I had done during the week. I highly recommend!

RL S, London 

I went to see Lily for an enduring issue and couldn’t have asked for a better nutrition coach. Not only was I provided with lots of useful resources, but Lily was very friendly and open-minded. She really listened and tailored her advice to my specific situation, and helped me understand what small changes I could make to my diet and sports regime. The information was complete and extensive, yet presented in a very clear and understandable way. Upon following her advice, I quickly experienced improvements. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for nutrition advice.

Judith Borghouts, London

Lily gave me practical advice I could really use to make habitual changes. Would highly recommend.

Debbie, McQuoid, London

I went to see Lily for a weight loss consultation. After speaking to her and going through my routine and goals, she came up with a tailored weight loss programme with detailed analysis on what to eat and what to avoid. Following that, we had regular communication so that she could tweak my programme on areas where I was struggling. The whole experience was a great and I achieved 100% of my goals. I would recommend Lily to anyone who is looking to lose weight or learn about healthy diet.

Dimitrios Bitsos, London